Michael Southall is an expert entomologist and leads the way in nurturing and studying Norchard's flora and fauna. Wildflower meadows, now rich in orchids and pollinators surround the farm irrigation pools. Nesting boxes are dotted around the habitat to encourage barn owls and swifts, among others, to breed. We love to see our newly planted hedgerows and trees add to the landscape that has been part of our family for 4 generations.

Notable rare species that have been spotted on the farm include the impressive Bombus Ruderatus, a large black Bumblebee that was almost unknown in Worcestershire. Another rarity is the Dusky Sallow Moth, a recent visitor, and just one of the thousands of moths that are trapped and monitored each year prior to being released.

Moving to larger creatures, we have been pleased to note increased numbers of hares which can occasionally be seen 'boxing' in Spring time. Muntjac and Roe Deer are also being spotted around the farm and Buzzards are now commonplace, often to be seen following the plough in search of earthworms.

  • Norchard Farm

    Norchard Farm.

  • Emperor Moth

    Emperor Moth.

  • Chamomile Shark Caterpillar

    Chamomile Shark Caterpillar.

  • Burnet Companion

    Burnet Companion.

  • Burnets


  • Garden Tiger Moth

    Garden Tiger Moth.

  • Bluebells


  • Wood Lark

    Wood Lark.

The wildlife that lives alongside our farming operation has always been important to us. It is exciting to discover species that we have not seen before on the farm, even more so when they are associated with habitats that we have created and maintained.

Mike Southall
Production Partner