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Ham, egg and asparagus

by Paul Southall on 5th May 2017

Boiled ham hock, Cornish new potatoes, poached egg and Southalls of Norchard asparagus. Washed down with a dry white and accompanied by crusty bread and butter, Perfect for a May teatime!

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Souper Foods

by Paul Southall on 27th April 2017

Lucy from Souper Foods called in today to buy some of our freshly cut asparagus and took the opportunity to check out the spears growing in the Big Field. Pleased to say that she has promised me a sample of her Worcestershire Asparagus Soup.

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Spanish Tunnels

by Paul Southall on 19th April 2017

Just spent a few days out in the Almeria region of Spain. They had a what for them was a very hard winter, leading to shortages through Europe of veg like Courgettes and Iceberg Lettuce. They now seem to be back on track, with low tunnels, like the one pictured, stretching into the distance. They are also big on greenhouse type structures where a fleece material is tightly clad around wooden poles. When I arrived home I spotted Runner Bean plants growing under our low tunnels. Fingers crossed that they survive any late frosts!

Almeria Cloches

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Fully Stacked Shelves

by Paul Southall on 11th April 2017

For all of our crops we try to produce over a long season and make sure we can harvest at least 6 days a week. This keeps our customers' shelves stocked and the produce fresh and Class 1 quality. To do this we drill or plant many times so, for example, if you look at the photo you will see the bigger Broad Beans on the left, drilled middle of February, and the smaller ones on the right drilled 25 days later. Our experience tells us that the patch on the left will be ready to pick in the third week of June and the ones on the right a week later - and they will both taste great!

Little and Large Broads

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Southalls of Norchard Launch Day!

by Paul Southall on 1st April 2017

From today 'Southalls of Norchard' is our official business title and on a lovely warm Spring Saturday morning we have one team out planting Runner Beans and another cutting Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

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Welcome to Southalls of Norchard!

by Paul Southall on 22nd March 2017

It is great to have our new website ready for our business name change that is happening on April 1st. The tractors have been busy over the last few days and we have drilled peas, broad beans and sugar snap peas. Fingers crossed, the first asparagus spears should start poking through in about 3 weeks time so Mr Mike has been doing a bit of light ridging on the beds. More workers will be arriving soon to carry out the harvest so on Saturday morning we had the family team from Fixed Heating doing the annual caravan gas checks, father Trevor, son Billy and daughter Jess took time out to have a photo taken.

Jess, Trevor and Billy

I am just deciding what varieties of pumpkins and squashes to grow this year. In 2016 we used 23 different varieties so there is plenty to think about!

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