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Hummingbird Hawk-moth

by Mike Southall on 5th June 2017

This Hummingbird Hawk-moth was seen last week. It is a day flying migrant moth, attracted to garden flowers.

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Black-headed Cardinal Beetle

by Mike Southall on 28th May 2017

I found this Black-headed Cardinal Beetle in a poolside woodland on the farm today. One of three species of Cardinals in the UK, it is a new species record for the farm.

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Southern Marsh Orchids

by Mike Southall on 24th May 2017

The Southern Marsh Orchids are beginning to flower earlier than usual, mirroring the general crop pattern this year.

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Silver Y

by Mike Southall on 16th May 2017

This Silver Y moth was spotted on the farm on Sunday. It is the first migrant species recorded at Norchard this year. Its paleness indicates that it is a long distance migrant from the continent. The species was also reported from other inland sites, suggesting a more widespread influx.

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Ruby-tailed Wasp

by Mike Southall on 7th May 2017

Always worth looking at the small insects at this time of year. This Ruby-tailed Wasp is worthy of living in the tropics.

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Migrant birds

by Mike Southall on 28th April 2017

A fresh ploughed field has attracted some migrant birds, with up to five Yellow Wagails, thirteen Wheatears and a male Whinchat. The Whinchat, top bird, is a relatively scarce passage migrant.

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by Mike Southall on 15th April 2017

Our new tractor is using Adblue to clean emissions from the diesel engine, while our Bluebells are adding blue to the coppice.

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Holly Blue

by Mike Southall on 11th April 2017

This Holly Blue butterfly was nectaring on an unflailed farm hedgerow

This Holly Blue butterfly is nectaring on an unflailed hedgerow. Orange-tips and Speckled Woods are also on the wing. Saw the first returning Swallow over the packhouse yesterday.

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Flint Arrowhead

by Mike Southall on 1st April 2017

Very pleased to find this flint arrowhead while walking the dog this afternoon. It is a bit crude, but it has re-touched edges on the leading edges, and two notches at the base forming a tang. They did not have to be perfect to do the job.

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New Hedge

by Mike Southall on 27th March 2017

The new hedge planted on the left side four years ago is starting to get thicker. It has re-established the bridle-path off Tugwood lane.

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